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About Us

We are working at the Lublin University of Technology at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Our research activities are devoted to synthesis materials using waste materials like fly ash or alumina waste.

Our synthesis method is originally developed. The obtained materials are characterized by high purity and conversion level. The main materials obtained are: Na-X, Na-P1, Na-A, ZSM-5, sodalite, MCM-41, SBA-15, MOFs.

Obtained materials are applicated in lots of different field: environmental engineering, construction and building materials, catalysis, medicine - cosmetology, agriculture.




A research team of three universities, led by Prof. Wladyslaw Gardziejczyk, presented the results of research obtained during the realization of the ISKRA project titled “Mineral composites as a component…

MSAGroup team members comprising: Lidia Bandura and Wojciech Franus, together with Magdalena Leśniak (AGH) and Krzysztof Pałka, published a paper entitled. “Microstructural characterisation and the influence of the chemical composition of the raw…

Members of the MSAGroup – Materials/Synthesis/Application team consisting of: Malgorzata Franus, Jaroslaw Madej, Rafal Panek, Ewelina Grabias-Blicharz have published a paper entitled. “Effect of microwave radiation temperature and content of…

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