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Impact Factor 24.2!!! – The Latest Publication in Materials Today

The publication from the MSAGroup, titled " Zeolites and zeolite imidazolate frameworks on a quest to obtain the ideal biomaterial for biomedical applications: A review" explores the potential of using zeolites and ZIFs to create materials for biomedical applications such as regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, and tissue engineering. The article also discusses how hybrid materials and composites based on zeolites and bisphosphonates have found application in the treatment of osteoporosis. The authors of this publication, which appeared in one of the most prestigious materials science journals, Materials Today (IF=24.2, Q1), are Jakub Matusiak, Agata Przekora, and Wojciech Franus. This publication is the result of collaboration between the MSAGroup and the Medical University of Lublin, carried out within the NCN OPUS project (2021/43/B/NZ7/00447).

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