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Waste from which lightweight aggregates can be produced

The prestigious Routledge publishing house, as part of its Innovations in Environmental Engineering series, has published a book entitled. "Application of waste materials in lightweight aggregates", authored by #Malgorzata Franus. Compiled by a member of our #MSAGroup team presents the current state of knowledge on aggregates production mehods, their characteristics, current standards and legal regulations. In addition, the book briefly discusses the issue of the presence of different types of waste in the environment (including municipal, energy and mining industries), their characteristics and uses for the production of lightweight aggregates. This book serves as a source of academic information on the course and conditions of using various waste treatment processes for lightweight aggregates. More details at the link

Congratulations Gosia!!!

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Maciej Szeląg with scientific promotion

On November 15, 2023, MSAGroup member, Maciej Szeląg obtained a post-doctoral degree in engineering and technical sciences. The degree was awarded on the basis of the scientific achievement entitled: "Analysis of thermally induced cracking patterns of modified cement pastes" by the Council of the Scientific Discipline of Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport of the Lublin University of Technology. The reviewers in the proceedings were prof. Zbigniew Giergiczny (Silesian University of Technology), prof. Michał Antoni Glinicki (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences), prof. Marcin Koniorczyk (Łódź University of Technology) and dr hab. Agnieszka Ślosarczyk (Poznań University of Technology). The chairman of the habilitation committee was prof. Maria Kaszyńska (West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin).

Additionally, it is worth emphasizing that Maciek is not yet 35 years old, and obtaining post-doctoral degree in the field of engineering and technical sciences at such a young age is a very great achievement.

Big congratulations and we wish you further success!

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Can the aging processes of asphalt be inhibited?

Members of the MSAGroup team including: Szymon Malinowski, Agneszka Woszuk and Wojciech Franus published a paper entitled: "Modern two-component modifiers inhibiting the aging process of road bitumen", exploring the possibility of inhibiting the bitumen aging process by using two-component polymer composites based on chitosan. The studies, published in the prestigious international journal Construction and Building Materials (IF =7.4) included an evaluation of changes in the bitumen physicochemical properties due to technological ageing. Moreover, the authors investigated in this paper how the chemical structure of road bitumen changes during the production of the asphalt mixture. The performed studies and determined indicators showed that composites rich in amine groups, i.e. chitosan:polyaniline, inhibit the technological ageing processes of bitumen with the greatest efficiency and enable the maintenance of the original bitumen physicochemical properties at a level of up to 90%. For more details, please read: The research was carried out within the framework of the research task MINIATURA 5 (No. 2021/05/X/ST8/00161) funded by the National Science Centre.