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About the roads in the Bialowieza Forest

A research team of three universities, led by Prof. Wladyslaw Gardziejczyk, presented the results of research obtained during the realization of the ISKRA project titled "Mineral composites as a component of durable, safe asphalt pavements reducing negative environmental impact" at the 15th technical seminar of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation of the Republic of Poland, Bialystok branch. The seminar, held on 07-09.02.2024 in Bialowieza, was an opportunity to present the results of the ongoing project to a wide range of people involved in the road construction process from investors, designers, contractors to users. The second day of the event included a special session titled

"Pro-environmental solutions for top layers of pavement," which consisted of 3 papers discussing recent research findings: „Mineral composites in the production technologies of mineral-asphalt mixes reducing the negative impact on the environment” A. Woszuk, S. Malinowski, R. Panek – Lublin University of Technology,

„Effect of mineral additive on the properties of SMA LA type warm mixes” M. Wasilewska, W. Gardziejczyk, P. Gierasimiuk, R.Pacholak - Bialystok University of Technology

„Asphalt pavements on bridges” L. Bichajło –Rzeczów University of Technology.

Members of the research teams at the meeting discussed and planned the next study activities to be implemented in 2024.