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FUNash project – settled!!!

I am extremely pleased to inform you of the substantive and financial settlement of the project entitled “Fly ashes as the precursors of functionalized materials for applications in environmental engineering, civil engineering and agriculture”. The project was funded by the Foundation for Polish Science within the TEAM-NET programme. We carried it out for 4 years as part of a scientific consortium of Lublin University of Technology (leader), AGH University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University (consortium members). The research work on the project involved more than 50 people at various stages of their scientific careers (students, PhD students, post-docs and experienced researchers). As a result of the project, 52 scientific articles were published in prestigious JCR-listed journals. Two technological solutions developed as part of the project received patent protection from the Polish Patent and Trademark Office. Two individuals have obtained doctoral degrees and another two are in the final stages of their doctoral dissertations. A spin-off company called Demetrius LAB ( has been established to provide the services that result from the FUNash project.

To everyone involved in the project, many thanks for your cooperation!!!

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First implementation dissertation at MSAGroup

Robert Hunek, M.Sc. our new member of the MSAGroup, was the first to start pursuing an implementation doctorate entitled "Experimental and in situ studies of the durability of anti-corrosion coatings applied to a reinforced concrete cooling tower at PGE Energia Ciepła S.A.". The doctoral thesis will be carried out in cooperation with PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. The promoter of the doctoral thesis is Prof. Wojciech Franus, while the role of assistant supervisor will be performed by Dr. Katarzyna Gogacz-Chołuj, Eng. The aim of the project is to obtain anticorrosive seal coatings modified with biodegradable methyl esters and stearic acid of higher fatty acids of plant and animal origin for reinforced concrete cooling towers. We will keep you updated on the progress of our PhD student's work!!!