The project titled “MagZEObone: Smart Magnetic Biomaterials Based on Zeolites and ZIFs in Service of Humanity - Multifunctional Bone Healing and Regeneration” has received funding in the Sonata 19 competition. The aim of this project is to develop innovative magnetic biomaterials based on zeolites and zeolite imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs) as a multifunctional bone healing and regeneration tool. These biomaterials will respond to static magnetic fields to enhance bone tissue regeneration. We aim to develop material solution to the problems of modern biomedicine. Combining the chemistry, biology, engineering and medicine will allow our team to look at the picture from a bigger perspective: synthesizing the novel materials by means of chemical methods, modifying its properties with biopolymers and chosen drugs for a sustained release, optimizing the process parameters of each part of the project, biological characterization, and in the end medical application. Therefore, we will obtain specialized chemical and biological knowledge, that could be useful to solve the real-life problems.

Jakub Matusiak (PI) and Wojciech Franus are involved in the project's implementation. The project partner is Agata Przekora-Kuśmierz from the Medical University of Lublin.

At the INTARG® International Invention and Innovation Fair in Katowice, held May 21-23, 2024, our inventions won the highest jury award. The invention entitled " Lightweight Aggregate Production Technology Using Microwave Radiation" whose authors are: Malgorzata Franus, Wojciech Franus, Agnieszka Woszuk, Tomasz Bień, Rafał Panek, Jarosław Madej won a platinum medal and the TRL Award.

Whereas the invention entitled "Technology Of Ecological Asphalt Mixtures Production With Improved Resistance To De-Icing Salts" whose author team are: Szymon Malinowski, Agnieszka Woszuk, Wojciech Franus and Malgorzata Wisniewska won a gold medal and an award from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

The granting of awards to MSAGroup is proof of the effective cooperation of our Scientists with entities of the business and social community.

A PhD student from our research group, Martyna Janek, M.Sc., completed a 3-month internship (February 19 to May 19) at a renowned foreign institution - Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania, USA). The internship was funded by National Agency for Academic Exchange, within the framework of the STER - Internationalization of Doctoral Schools project. During the internship, Martyna conducted research into the potential use of zeolites (in this case, natural zeolite - clinoptilolite) as additives allowing the development of more economically and environmentally sustainable mortar and concrete mixtures produced by 3D printing technology. The effective realization of the work was ensured by the extensive experience of the research group led by prof. Aleksandra Radlińska in the application of novel additives and admixtures for the production of cementitious composites and 3D printing technology. As part of the internship, Martyna was also given the opportunity to acquaint herself with highly specialized laboratory facilities, while the entire stay was an opportunity to strengthen scientific cooperation between the #MSAGroup research group and scientists from Pennsylvania State University.

The project entitled "Preparation for industrial implementation of environmentally friendly mineral-asphalt mixtures using foamed bitumen technology" has been classified for funding in the Proof of Concept (PoC FENG) competition organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. The contest included 235 applications, but only the best 28 projects received funding. Our project aims to utilize large amounts of deteriorated asphalt pavements through developing a procedure and method for homogenizing new types of aging process inhibitors with recycled bitumen. These environmentally friendly materials with selected chemical structure will make it possible to return the original properties of the bitumen binder at a high degree. From the #MSAgroup, in the project implementation will be involved #Agnieszka Woszuk (project manager), #Szymon Malinowski and #Wojciech Franus. Meanwhile, the industrial partner will be the Zieja Company located in Łomża, which has more than 30 years of experience in the field of road construction.  

I am extremely pleased to inform you of the substantive and financial settlement of the project entitled “Fly ashes as the precursors of functionalized materials for applications in environmental engineering, civil engineering and agriculture”. The project was funded by the Foundation for Polish Science within the TEAM-NET programme. We carried it out for 4 years as part of a scientific consortium of Lublin University of Technology (leader), AGH University of Science and Technology and Warsaw University (consortium members). The research work on the project involved more than 50 people at various stages of their scientific careers (students, PhD students, post-docs and experienced researchers). As a result of the project, 52 scientific articles were published in prestigious JCR-listed journals. Two technological solutions developed as part of the project received patent protection from the Polish Patent and Trademark Office. Two individuals have obtained doctoral degrees and another two are in the final stages of their doctoral dissertations. A spin-off company called Demetrius LAB ( has been established to provide the services that result from the FUNash project.

To everyone involved in the project, many thanks for your cooperation!!!

Robert Hunek, M.Sc. our new member of the MSAGroup, was the first to start pursuing an implementation doctorate entitled "Experimental and in situ studies of the durability of anti-corrosion coatings applied to a reinforced concrete cooling tower at PGE Energia Ciepła S.A.". The doctoral thesis will be carried out in cooperation with PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. The promoter of the doctoral thesis is Prof. Wojciech Franus, while the role of assistant supervisor will be performed by Dr. Katarzyna Gogacz-Chołuj, Eng. The aim of the project is to obtain anticorrosive seal coatings modified with biodegradable methyl esters and stearic acid of higher fatty acids of plant and animal origin for reinforced concrete cooling towers. We will keep you updated on the progress of our PhD student's work!!!

A research team of three universities, led by Prof. Wladyslaw Gardziejczyk, presented the results of research obtained during the realization of the ISKRA project titled "Mineral composites as a component of durable, safe asphalt pavements reducing negative environmental impact" at the 15th technical seminar of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation of the Republic of Poland, Bialystok branch. The seminar, held on 07-09.02.2024 in Bialowieza, was an opportunity to present the results of the ongoing project to a wide range of people involved in the road construction process from investors, designers, contractors to users. The second day of the event included a special session titled

"Pro-environmental solutions for top layers of pavement," which consisted of 3 papers discussing recent research findings: „Mineral composites in the production technologies of mineral-asphalt mixes reducing the negative impact on the environment” A. Woszuk, S. Malinowski, R. Panek – Lublin University of Technology,

„Effect of mineral additive on the properties of SMA LA type warm mixes” M. Wasilewska, W. Gardziejczyk, P. Gierasimiuk, R.Pacholak - Bialystok University of Technology

„Asphalt pavements on bridges” L. Bichajło –Rzeczów University of Technology.

Members of the research teams at the meeting discussed and planned the next study activities to be implemented in 2024.

MSAGroup team members comprising: Lidia Bandura and Wojciech Franus, together with Magdalena Leśniak (AGH) and Krzysztof Pałka, published a paper entitled. "Microstructural characterisation and the influence of the chemical composition of the raw material mix on the physicochemical characteristics of waste-derived ceramic aggregates". The analyses investigated the influence of variations in the composition of the raw material mix consisting of fly ash, waste rock and cullet on the physicomechanical properties of ceramic aggregates obtained by microwave radiation firing. The results of the work were published in the prestigious Journal of Building Engineering IF =6.4. The research was carried out as part of a research project entitled. "Use of waste materials in microwave technology for obtaining ceramic aggregates" No POIR.04.01.04-00-0019/20 funded by NCBiR under the Application Projects programme.

More details can be found under the link:

Members of the MSAGroup - Materials/Synthesis/Application team consisting of: Malgorzata Franus, Jaroslaw Madej, Rafal Panek, Ewelina Grabias-Blicharz have published a paper entitled. "Effect of microwave radiation temperature and content of different solid waste on the microstructure and physicomechanical properties of lightweight aggregates", which investigated the effect of microwave exposure temperature and raw material composition on the physicomechanical, structural and morphological properties of aggregates. The research, published in the prestigious international journal Ceramics International (IF =5.2), included an evaluation of changes in the physicochemical properties of lightweight aggregates containing varying amounts of waste raw materials namely fly ash (60, 70, 80 wt%), waste rock (10, 20 and 30 wt%), glass cullet (10 wt%) and waste solution after hydrothermal zeolite synthesis. The conducted research and determined parameters showed that the proposed technology makes it possible to obtain a full-fledged and environmentally friendly lightweight aggregate during short thermal processing of raw materials, thus saving energy while fitting in with the principles of sustainable development. The research was carried out within the framework of the research project entitled. "The use of waste materials in the microwave technology of lightweight aggregates production" No. POIR.04.01.04-00-0019/20 funded by the National Center for Research and Development.

For more details, please read:

A few days ago #Wojciech Franus head of our #MSAGroup research team was honoured by the Minister of Education and Science with the silver medal "Meritorious for Polish Science - Sapientia et Veritas". This medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to higher education and science. The award covers achievements in scientific, teaching or organisational activities.

But it doesn't end there!!!

Another distinction is the election of our Head as a member of the Committee on Civil and Hydraulic Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which are elected every 4 years, act as advisory and opinion-giving bodies. They develop scientific positions and expert opinions for the state administration, and assist in solving specific scientific problems. They give opinions on normative acts concerning science, its applications and education.

Congratulations Chief!!!

The prestigious Routledge publishing house, as part of its Innovations in Environmental Engineering series, has published a book entitled. "Application of waste materials in lightweight aggregates", authored by #Malgorzata Franus. Compiled by a member of our #MSAGroup team presents the current state of knowledge on aggregates production mehods, their characteristics, current standards and legal regulations. In addition, the book briefly discusses the issue of the presence of different types of waste in the environment (including municipal, energy and mining industries), their characteristics and uses for the production of lightweight aggregates. This book serves as a source of academic information on the course and conditions of using various waste treatment processes for lightweight aggregates. More details at the link

Congratulations Gosia!!!

On November 15, 2023, MSAGroup member, Maciej Szeląg obtained a post-doctoral degree in engineering and technical sciences. The degree was awarded on the basis of the scientific achievement entitled: "Analysis of thermally induced cracking patterns of modified cement pastes" by the Council of the Scientific Discipline of Civil Engineering, Geodesy and Transport of the Lublin University of Technology. The reviewers in the proceedings were prof. Zbigniew Giergiczny (Silesian University of Technology), prof. Michał Antoni Glinicki (Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences), prof. Marcin Koniorczyk (Łódź University of Technology) and dr hab. Agnieszka Ślosarczyk (Poznań University of Technology). The chairman of the habilitation committee was prof. Maria Kaszyńska (West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin).

Additionally, it is worth emphasizing that Maciek is not yet 35 years old, and obtaining post-doctoral degree in the field of engineering and technical sciences at such a young age is a very great achievement.

Big congratulations and we wish you further success!

Members of the MSAGroup team including: Szymon Malinowski, Agneszka Woszuk and Wojciech Franus published a paper entitled: "Modern two-component modifiers inhibiting the aging process of road bitumen", exploring the possibility of inhibiting the bitumen aging process by using two-component polymer composites based on chitosan. The studies, published in the prestigious international journal Construction and Building Materials (IF =7.4) included an evaluation of changes in the bitumen physicochemical properties due to technological ageing. Moreover, the authors investigated in this paper how the chemical structure of road bitumen changes during the production of the asphalt mixture. The performed studies and determined indicators showed that composites rich in amine groups, i.e. chitosan:polyaniline, inhibit the technological ageing processes of bitumen with the greatest efficiency and enable the maintenance of the original bitumen physicochemical properties at a level of up to 90%. For more details, please read: The research was carried out within the framework of the research task MINIATURA 5 (No. 2021/05/X/ST8/00161) funded by the National Science Centre.

On October 19-20, 2023, members of our research team: Malgorzata Franus, Joanna Fronczyk, Joanna Styczeń, Rafał Panek, Martyna Janek, Jarosław Madej and Wojciech Franus participated in the deliberations of the 8th Intelligent Development Forum, held in Uniejów.

Participation in the Forum was an excellent opportunity to present the achievements and research areas of our MSAGroup team to date, as well as to establish cooperation with industrial and scientific partners, who attended the event in great numbers.

Our presence at the 8th Smart Growth Forum was also connected with the reception of the Scientist of the Future 2023 award in the category: Woman of Science Who Changes the World, whose Laureate was Malgorzata Franus. The award was given for scientific achievements and realization of innovative R&D projects implemented into economic practice, as well as for creating a positive and interesting image of Polish science and R&D work among the public.

But this is not the end of the successes - our MSAGroup team was also the Laureate of the Scientist of the Future 2023 award in the category: Research Team of the Future, for the implementation of projects on the problems of synthesis and application of porous materials in construction and environmental engineering, as well as for the promotion and dissemination of the results of the work done so far to the society at large.

We are very pleased to be noticed and appreciated for our activities - thank you

The list of the highest cited scientists in the world according to the World's Top 2% Scientists 2023 ranking once again includes researchers from our MSAGroup team.  Wojciech Franus was included in the ranking for total scientific output and ranked 5th among scientists awarded at Lublin University of Technology. This ranking takes into account the achievements of more than 204,000 scientists from around the world, of which 1119 are researchers from Poland. On the other hand, in the ranking for scientific achievements only for 2022, Wojciech Franus ranked 4th and Maciej Szeląg ranked 11th among scientists conducting research at Lublin University of Technology. In this group, more than 210,000 scientists from around the world were included, of which 1142 are researchers from Poland.

Congratulations - this is the world's top scientists!!!

On September 13-20, 2023 members of our MSAGroup -  research team (Wojciech FranusRafał PanekJarosław Madej) stayed in Prince George where they learned about the research capabilities of Northern Analytical Lab Services at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). It was an excellent opportunity to present the achievements and research topics of MSAGroup and to learn about the specifics of the research conducted by The Materials Technology & Environmental Research MATTER_Lab@UNBC Group, led by Hossein Kazemian. We are very impressed with both the equipment and the multitude of research conducted by members of this team. As part of the visit, we signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation between our teams (exchange of scientists in the form of research internships) and clarified the scientific areas in which we will jointly conduct research and apply for financial resources.
Hossein, thank you very much for the excellent organization and friendly reception of our visit. We would also like to thank all members of the MATTER GROUP who told us about their scientific passions with great openness and commitment.
Thank you!!!

In the prestigious journal Composites Part B: Engineering (Impact Factor = 13.1, Q1), ), an authorship team comprising: Joanna FronczykMartyna JanekMaciej Szeląg, Adam Pyzik, and Wojciech Franus presented a paper entitled "Immobilization of (bio-)healing agents for self-healing concrete technology: Does it really ensure long-term performance?". The authors provided an overview of the current state of knowledge in the field of self-healing concrete research, with a focus on the modification of concrete with biological healing agents. An analysis of nearly 200 scientific studies facilitated the characterization of the discussed method, its limitations, and strategies for protecting bacteria from adverse conditions in cementitious composites. The publication was the result of a project funded by the Foundation for Polish Science as part of the TEAM-NET program (POIR.04.04.00-00-14E6/18).
We sincerely encourage you to read the article:

The publication from the MSAGroup, titled " Zeolites and zeolite imidazolate frameworks on a quest to obtain the ideal biomaterial for biomedical applications: A review" explores the potential of using zeolites and ZIFs to create materials for biomedical applications such as regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, and tissue engineering. The article also discusses how hybrid materials and composites based on zeolites and bisphosphonates have found application in the treatment of osteoporosis. The authors of this publication, which appeared in one of the most prestigious materials science journals, Materials Today (IF=24.2, Q1), are Jakub Matusiak, Agata Przekora, and Wojciech Franus. This publication is the result of collaboration between the MSAGroup and the Medical University of Lublin, carried out within the NCN OPUS project (2021/43/B/NZ7/00447).

We warmly invite you to read our article:

Our Chief does not like to brag therefore we will do it for him.
Wojciech Franus, the leader of our MSAGroup research team has been ranked 5th on the prestigious list of the most cited Polish scientists in subfields related to geology. The authors of the publication, which includes the names of the 10 most cited Polish geologists in 2021, are Leszek Lankof and Radoslaw Tarkowski. The list was published in Geological Review No. 6/2023. More details at the link
Congratulations Chief!!!

We invite you to learn more about the possibilities of using Pseudomonas stutzer MT1 bacteria for biotransformation of fly ash with high unburned carbon content. The paper titled. "Biotransformation of coal fly ash with high carbon content; behavior and release patterns of coal fly ash constituents under the influence of allochthonic Pseudomonas stutzer MT1" was published in the prestigious Journal of Cleaner Production (IF = 11.1). The authors of the publication are: Nicholas A. Iwan, Marco Günthel, Tomasz S. Kaminski, Wojciech Franus, and Łukasz Drewniak. The paper was written within the framework of the TEAM-NET project (POIR.04.04.00-00-00-14E6/18-00 and is the result of collaboration between the Drewniak & Dziewit Group research team and MSAGroup. Please read our article